At our bakery, our sourdough breads are leavened naturally with a 20+ year old starter from France. Each loaf is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled Artisan Bakers and undergoes a long fermentation process before being baked fresh daily.

Our sourdoughs are known for their signature caramelized thin crust, which envelops a moist and tender crumb, loved by many local patrons.

With a commitment to only using premium imported ingredients from France, Japan, and Germany, we guarantee that our production quality remains at its optimum level.

By achieving the perfect balance of dough strength, optimal fermentation, and full proofing, you can taste the difference in every bite of our all-natural, artisanal bakes!



At our bakery, we affectionately call our 20+ year old starter, which hails from France, “Chloé.” This live fermented culture is made up of only fresh flour and water.

Through a long fermentation process of 12 to 16 hours, the texture, flavor, and nutrient availability of our sourdoughs are greatly enhanced.

We never use any artificial additives, relying instead on good old flour, salt, water, and a wild yeast culture (our sourdough mother) to produce slow fermented breads that are easily digestible, less likely to cause flatulence, and more nutritious, with reduced gluten.

Chloé is the gentle “mother” of all our sourdoughs and will tantalize your taste buds with every flavorful slice, along with its delicate tang, making it the perfect base for a wide range of condiment pairings.