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Our sourdough breads are naturally leavened using a 20 year starter from france — each loaf is handcrafted and undergo a long fermentation process before we bake them fresh daily. Our loaves have a signature caramelised thin crust with a moist and tender crumb that many locals have grown to love.


No artificial additives, just good ol’ flour, salt, water and a wild yeast culture (the sourdough mother) which makes slow fermented breads easily digestible – less flatulence, more nutritious and reduced gluten.


By finding a balance in our dough strength, the right fermentation time and a full proof, you'll taste the difference in every bite.


The Bread Storage

The wild starter used for our breads creates an acidic environment in the loaf which bacteria do not like — sourdough lasts much longer than commercial bread, takes longer to develop mold, and even when a week old still makes great toast.

Starch retrogradation takes longer in sourdough breads, which is why it has a longer shelf life than other breads / why it will need a longer time to cool down.


slice it.

it is best to slice sourdough bread as you go rather than all at once — this will prevent premature staling.


slice the whole loaf and then freeze the slices. 

store it.

sourdough breads will stay fresh for longest in a cotton bag, protecting it from drying out, and also gives it enough breath-ability to prevent it from becoming too moist and gluey.

at room temperature 3-4 days, use a paper bag, wrap in linen/cotton


wrap in clingfilm and leave in a cool place, away from warmth.

to keep longer (up to 1 month), stick into the freezer.

enjoy it.

our breads revive beautifully in the oven/toaster, or on a heated pan.

slather slices with

your favorite butter or dip in balsamic vinegar + olive oil to enjoy.

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